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Are you looking to take a proactive approach to roof repairs and maintenance at your property in Haslemere or any of the surrounding areas? Upper Level Property Services is here to help. Our roofing company specialises in this department. With a wide range of services, including soffit and fascia replacement, gutter repairs and roof cleaning, we know what it takes to preserve your roof and prolong its lifecycle.

We strongly support any homeowner’s decision to become more diligent with roof care. However, we advise striking the right balance between DIY tasks and professional help.

Due to their position atop your property, all roofing work has an inherent risk. You must never assume the responsibility of working at height on your own. Likewise, despite their resilient, hardwearing nature, roofs are also susceptible to damage if treated incorrectly. You may cause more damage, despite your good intentions.

To speak with a member of our roofing company about roof cleaning, gutter repairs, fascia replacements or any other roof repairs call us on 01420 476 640 or 07962 201 355. You can also see what previous clients say about our work on the Testimonials page.

Essential Roof Maintenance Tips

Regular Inspections

It sounds obvious, but the more you check your roof, the more likely you are to spot when its condition changes. Whether in Haslemere or the wider South East region, one of the most common mistakes homeowners make is simply forgetting to check their roofs for long periods.

At the very least, you should inspect your roof once a year, or have our roofing company do it for you. If you want to take on the task yourself without climbing a ladder, we recommend using a pair of binoculars from street level.

Consider having an inspection in spring too, after the worst of the winter weather. Our increasingly harsh summers are also something to take into account.

Look for Common Signs

Fortunately, there are typical signs that point to the need for roof repairs. These include:

  • Gutters clogged with leaves and debris

  • Slipped, cracked or missing tiles

  • Damage to roofline products

  • Obvious signs of deterioration

The more often you check, the more familiar you will become with these issues. As your knowledge increases, you will be able to identify problems even earlier.

Should you find any of the above, our roofing company performs the necessary work, from fascia replacements to gutter repairs. If you notice your roof becoming crowded with moss and other organic growths, we can also perform roof cleaning.

Trim Overhanging Trees

Nearby trees no doubt create a lovely ambience around your Haslemere home. They also provide welcome shade during summer. However, when trees overhang your property, they can damage the roof.

Of course, trees drop leaves every autumn. While the wind blows many of these away, plenty will work their way into your gutters. Here, they become wet and decompose. When combined with other debris, they form blockages. This creates backed-up or overflowing gutters which can lead to water damage, gutter repairs, fascia replacement and more.

Trees also shed branches. If a particularly heavy one lands directly on your roof, it may cause impact damage there and then. But even lighter ones pose a risk. As they move around your roofing structure, they can inflict damage as they go. If they end up in your gutters too, they will also likely cause a block.

From roofing cleaning to roof repairs, you can rely on Upper Level Property Services for complete roof care.

Call 01420 476 640 or 07962 201 355 to discuss fascia replacement or any other roof repairs in Haslemere or the neighbouring areas.