Gutter Repairs

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Have you noticed a change in the performance of your gutters? If your system has started overflowing, or it has developed a leak, we strongly advise booking a site visit from the experienced team at Upper Level Property Services. Our roofing company covers all your needs, from gutter repairs and replacements to clearing blockages. With a wide-ranging skillset, we install, fix and replace all types of guttering.

Operating out of Bordon, Upper Level Property Services covers locations in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and the wider South East region. Our key service areas include Alton, Farnham, Fleet, Haslemere, Petersfield and Portsmouth.

Along with fascias and soffits, your property’s guttering makes up part of its roofline system. This feature’s primary purpose is to stop moisture ingress into the interior roof space. While the fascias and soffits protect overhanging, exposed timberwork, the gutters collect rainwater that flows from your roof and direct it into the drainage system.

If a gutter or downpipe cracks or develops a block, water will flow into areas it shouldn’t, such as down the side of your house. Without the necessary gutter repairs, this can cause significant damage to the brickwork, and may even lead to issues such as mould and damp.

Covering All Your Guttering Needs

Gutter Repairs

For your peace of mind, our roofing company always prioritises guttering repair over a full system replacement. You can rely on us to fix any issue on every type of guttering. This includes the most popular options of uPVC and timber, as well as the less typical cast iron.

Strong and elegant, cast iron gutters provide a stylish finish for your property. Due to their increasing rarity, however, many roofing companies simply don’t have the expertise to repair or replace them – but we do.

Your service starts with a site visit from a member of our team. We assess your guttering system on arrival, giving us a full overview of its condition. Using this information, we confirm what issues we have found along with our recommended solution.

Gutter Replacement

Gutter repairs are ideal for localised damage on otherwise healthy installations. However, if your guttering system has been in place for many years, it will eventually reach the end of its lifespan. When spot fixes become a false economy, we advise replacing the entire system. You can rest assured, we only recommend this when it represents better value for money in the long-term.

Our roofing company supplies and fits all types of new guttering. We can source a full range of colours and styles to suit your tastes and requirements, including:

  • Half-Round Gutters
  • Ogee Gutters
  • Deep Gutters
  • Box Gutters

Your final choice of guttering will depend on the type of property you have, its roofing structure and the amount of rainfall your area typically receives.

If needed, we can also perform soffit and fascia replacements in Haslemere, the neighbouring areas and across the South East.

Gutter Cleaning

If your gutters are overflowing rather than leaking, you may only have a blockage that needs clearing. All manner of debris can find its way into gutters and downpipes, such as fallen leaves, twigs, crumbled roofing materials and even plastic bags.

When our roofing company clears the blockage, and performs regular cleaning thereafter, we restore and maintain optimal performance. This service reduces the chances of developing a leak and the need for any gutter repairs. Of most importance, it also minimises the risk of water ingress.

To schedule a home visit from Upper Level Property Services, please contact us.

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