Soffit and Fascia Replacement
in Haslemere, Guildford and the Surrounding South East Areas

Are your home’s fascias and soffits looking tired and dirty? Or can you see signs of outright damage? It’s easy to overlook just how important these features are. Along with the guttering, they form your property’s roofline system. This plays a key role in protecting your roof and walls from water damage. It also provides a barrier against birds, vermin and other pests which see your roof as a warm, safe place to make a home.

Based in Bordon, Upper Level Property Services carries out soffit and fascia replacement in Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex, from Haslemere to Guildford and Farnham to Fleet. Whether your roofline has suffered localised damage, or it’s simply at the end of its lifecycle, you can rely on our roofing company to restore your home’s watertight seal.

In addition to fascia and soffit replacement, Upper Level Property Services also undertakes all gutter repairs and a range of roof repairs.

Spotting Signs of Damage

Due to their placement around the roof, it’s difficult to safely assess the condition of your home’s fascias and soffits. To cover every eventuality, it’s important to recognise the most common signs that indicate damage or failure. Key indicators include:

  • Blocked Gutters

  • Damaged Roof Rafters

  • Signs of Water

  • Evidence of Pests

Blocked Gutters

Do your gutters often drip and leak even if the weather is dry? In such cases, fallen leaves or other debris like built-up dirt is typically clogging them. When this happens, water pools in your gutters rather than flowing away to the drainage system.

Standing water increases the weight within your gutters, which can cause it to pull away from, and damage, the fascia. Stagnant water also attracts pests and leads to gutter rot, which can affect your fascia too

Damaged Roof Rafters

Wet rafters or signs of rot and mould are a direct result of damaged fascias and/or soffits. Put simply, these products should provide a watertight seal that encapsulates your roof’s exposed timberwork. If water is entering your roof, it’s either through a crack in the roofline, or the roofing materials themselves and will likely require soffit and fascia replacements.

Signs of Water

Interior spaces within your home shouldn’t have any contact with water. If you see signs of dried water in your loft or attic, or on the ceilings and upper walls of the rooms directly beneath, you probably have a leaking roof.

Water can cause significant damage quickly, so it’s important to call our roofing company on 01420 476 640 or 07962 201 355 to schedule a home visit at the first sign of moisture ingress.

Evidence of Pests

From bugs to birds to rodents, having pests inside your home is both troublesome, annoying and unhygienic. When fully functional, your soffits and fascias should keep all animal intruders out. If you notice strange sounds in your loft, increased droppings around your property or, of course, you see animals gaining entry, you have a compromised system.

Once you have removed the pests from your home in Haslemere, Guildford or the neighbouring areas, Upper Level Property Services can perform the required soffit and fascia replacement work.

The Benefits of Soffit and Fascia Replacement

Hiring our roofing company to restore your roofline’s flawless condition delivers multiple benefits, including:

  • Improved aesthetics and kerb appeal

  • Minimal long-term maintenance

  • Superior energy efficiency

  • Better protection against the elements

  • A barrier against water ingress

  • Design options to suit any need

Call 01420 476 640 or 07962 201 355 to schedule your own soffit or fascia replacement in Haslemere, Guildford, the surrounding areas or any other location in the South East.