Fascia Replacement

Fascias are not only an aesthetic feature but serve an important role in protecting your roof and walls from water damage and pests such as birds.

If you do find yourself in the situation where you require new fascia, Upper Level Property Maintenance can help.  We can supply and fit new UPVC and wood fascia in a range of styles and colours.  Feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs and we can advise you on your most cost effective and attractive course of action.

Gutter Replacement

Are you considering new guttering?
Upper Level Property Maintenance are able to supply and fit all types of new guttering, We are specialists in cast iron installation and can advise you on the best course of action to keep your exterior immaculate.

We can offer a full range of styles and colours to suit your tastes and requirements, and fully water test upon completion 

Fascia Repairs

Upper Level Property Maintenence is able to help you with all types of fascia repair.  It is very common for fascia to sustain damage from  birds  and other wildlife.  It is extremely important to get any sort of damage repaired before further damage is caused by either the weather or wildlife.   The last thing that you want is for any type of animals to take up residences in your fascias as they can cause a huge amount of damage, resulting in hefty bills.

Roof Cleaning

There are two very clear reasons for having your roof cleaned. Firstly the removal of all debris from the roof tiles will stop any damage and deterioration, thus extending the life of your roof. The second reason is purely aesthetic. A clean roof not only looks much better, but also you won't have to spend your life sweeping up dead moss.

We clean all roofs by hand, which we believe gives a far superior result than just pressure washing alone, which can in fact be damaging to your roof. We find our methods allow us to ensure there is no damage and an exceptionally thorough end result. here.

Certified installers of

Gutter Cleaning

Why do I need my gutters cleaned?
Over the course of time gutters become clogged with debris which can cause them to overflow, and downpipes to become blocked.   This can cause leaks as well as other damage.   Also keeping your gutters cleaned and maintained will improve the length of their life, thus in the long run saving you money.  Also from a purely aesthetic  point of view, a nice clean gutter improves the look of your home.

​​Gutter Repair

Upper Level Property Maintenance are able to repair most types of guttering, no matter what the problem we can help. 

Perhaps you have a leaking gutter or downpipe?  Or is any part of your guttering system damaged?

Where other companies may suggest that you require a new guttering system, we will always try our best to repair any problems that you have.  Keeping your gutters in good working order will always save you money in the long run

Fascia Cleaning

As with any aspect of your home maintenance is very important, because in the long run maintenance will save you money.  So keeping your fascia cleaned and maintained is important as well as keeping them looking good.  Keeping your fascias in good condition may also help preventing various other issues, for example making sure your vents are clear and working, allowing your roof space to breath.  We are more than happy to work with not only UPVC but also wooden fascia

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